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In this week's 'good cause blog' we decided to talk about ZOOS, and the poor animals that are being kept there against their will.


The animals imprisoned in zoos are sad and don’t want to be kept in artificial environments, have people gawk at them, listen to children who bang on the windows of their enclosures, or have cameras flashing in their faces. To put it simply, zoos are imprisoning animals who want to be free.

Some animals are so unhappy that they risk their lives in desperate attempts to free themselves.

Instead of going to the zoo, you can learn about animals by watching nature documentaries or observing the animals in their own natural habitats instead.

Today we have so much information available everywhere, once I started reading more and realised the sad truth that no one is telling us, I don't go to the zoo, and I encourage my friends and family to boycott them as well. I love animals, and I want to see them free, not held captive behind bars!


Join us and say NO to zoos. Everyone deserves to be FREE.


to read more about the reality of animals in zoos, visit HERE 

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