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Use your nails as a canvas/ by Lieve91

Posted on 09 June 2016

I am so excited to introduce you to the new world of stamping! May I present the Apharsec stamps to you all!! I haven't used any stamping in a looong time now.

To be honest, I think the last time I used stamping was about 4,5 years ago and I was using Konad. And I remember that at the time I had to have special stamping polishes if I wanted to have prettier and more colorful designs. And well since those polishes were quite expensive I decided to learn how to draw designs myself. Huh, go figure! I might even need to say thank you to Konad for my free hand skills now :D haha :)

So the thing with Apharsec stamping is that...drumroll please...you don't need any special stamping polishes!! You can use any colour and any nail polish brand for this stamping technique! Here is a video I made so you guys can see how it's done!

And if after that you still don't quite understand the technique, let me write the 5 steps down for you:

  1. Wipe varnished or unvarnished nails with cotton wool to ensure that they are clean before using the stamp.
  2. Apply nail polish to the silicone side of the stamp, directly onto the desired design. Make sure the design is completely covered (in my case I only applied polish to my desired shape of the design).
  3. Swipe the stamp along a clean piece of paper (rest the paper on a stable surface, as shown in the picture). This will remove any excess polish from the stamp, leaving the design clearly visible (if after swiping the stamp, there is still excess polish around the design, you can use the orange stick provided to remove it and also to remove polish from any parts of the design that you don't wish to stamp).
  4. Wait 6-7 seconds for the nail polish to fully set in the stamp, align the design with the desired position on your nail, then preyy and hold for 5 seconds.
  5. Apply top coat and let it dry.

While I was done with the stamping part I applied orange (Shade Of Happiness by Essence), blue (Blue Paradise by Deborah Milano) and pink (Free Hugs by Essence) polish with fast and short strokes. And in the end I sealed the whole mani with a top coat by Essence, called Better Then Gel Nails top coat!

So here you have it! I hope now you understand how simple this stamping system is! I am looking forward to creating more designs with them!! 

Don't forget to check Apharsec's page out and get your own stamping kit!!

My stamp is called THE TAILOR'S CHOICE STAMP and you can get it here!!

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